The Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill, 2018

The principal objective of the Bill is to amend Articles 101 (1), 136 (2) (a), 177 (1) (a) and 180 (1) of the Constitution of Kenya by changing the existing date for the general election for members of Parliament, the President, member of County Assembly and the county governors and deputy county governors from second Tuesday of August in every fifth year to third Monday in December in every fifth year.

The Bill seeks to introduce a new date for conducting a general election that would be more favourable to Kenya's circumstances.
The amendment is to ensure that the date of elections reflects the unique circumstances and tradition of Kenya. The current date for the general elections unduly disrupts the education calendar and most importantly the conduction of national examination in case of either a fresh election or a "run-off" or an invalidation of a Presidential election.

Also, the tradition of reading the Budget concurrently in East Africa has been disrupted by the current election date.
The amendment seeks to restore the tourism high season and the aspirations of a section of Kenyans who are not able to get time out of their busy schedules to take part in the general elections at their places of preference. The amendment will also clarify and put to rest all doubts regarding the exact date of the next general elections and the term of the current Parliament.


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